We all want to meet that special one whether you believe in soulmates or you do not. Everyone wants to meet the one person that fits us like a glove. You can call it soulmates, twin flames, true love and a dozen of other special words. We have so many words for it, but we all know the true meaning of what it is we are looking for. However, how do you know you have found your soulmate? What are the signs? Today we will be discussing the top 10 signs that you have found your soulmate. As your relationship flourishes, grows, and deepens, you’ll discover the true joys far beyond comparison!

1. Sharing

Are you able to share your true thoughts and worries? One of the key signs that you’re with your soul mate is the ability to share anything with this person. Soul mates feel free to share their thoughts, ideas, and memories with each other – even traumatic events, childhood memories, and their darkest thoughts. Vulnerability is a big part of this. You should feel comfortable to be vulnerable and to open up.

2. Communication beyond just talking

By this I mean communication on all levels. For a lot of couples communication can be difficult. Soul mates can discuss any topic, but communication goes beyond just talking. If you’re with your soul mate, you connect on multiple levels. You can find communication through a simple glance or body gesture. This type of nonverbal communication is strong among soul mates. You should also be able to communicate when there are the occasional disagreements. As with every relationships, there will be disagreements. If you are able to communicate through this efficiently then that says a lot about your relationships. Some people in unhealthy relationships see disagreements as a ‘it’s you vs me’ type of thing, however soulmates see it as ‘it’s you AND me vs the problem.’

3. Feeling comfortable and safe

How comfy are you around your special one? Soul mates naturally connect well and have a deep understanding of each other. This connection makes both of you feel relaxed in each other’s presence. It eliminates any fear or anxiety. It is about letting your guard down and being the authentic you. You shouldn’t feel the need to put up a front or to hide parts of who you are.

4. Similar goals and dreams

Often true soul mates have similar goals and dreams, but these goals don’t have to be identical. It’s not a requirement that you and your soul mate share the precise same concepts on every subject. You are still unique individuals. However, soul mates have an easy time planning their future and building their families together. They connect naturally, thus their ideas align. There aren’t many quarrels or disagreements. Your most significant values align and therefore you can easily plan a life together.

5. Extreme attraction

Although attraction is only one part of the soul mate connection, it’s still important. Do you have natural chemistry with each other? The attraction can be physical, emotional, intellectual, or a combination of any of these. Ideally it should contain all of these aspects. Attraction may even be extremely intense between soul mates. You may feel very attracted to your soul mate and unable to think of anyone else. It is like feeling a strong attraction towards him or her unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Some people have described this as feeling an ‘electricity’ when they touch. It is something different and something incomparable.

6. Ha, ha, ha…

Yes by this I mean sharing many laughs together. Unfortunately laughter is often an underrated aspect. However, true soul mates can make each other laugh, regardless of the situation. This is one way that they help each other overcome troubling times. That is the reason why this is such an important aspect. Being able to make the one person you love laugh while they are going through something difficult is amazing! The ability to give them joy while they are struggling is a key sign you are meant to be.

7. Missing each other

One of the signs of true soul mates is their inability to be apart. By this I mean being apart for long periods of time. They often can’t handle long distance relationships and want to take vacations, business trips, and other journeys together.

8. Understanding each other emotionally

We all deal with emotions in different ways and often this can be difficult. If your soulmate is able to understand what you need when you are feeling down whether it is rest, reassurance, a hug or anything else then that is a HUGE sign! So many couples have a great difficulty with this. You two may have the same coping mechanisms when it comes to emotions, however you understand each others and can make it work despite the differences.

9. ‘Oh I think that I found myself a cheerleader.. She is always right there when I need her.’

I just couldn’t help but to throw in a little lyrics of my favorite song. Either way your soulmate should be your number one fan and always encourage you. Did you know that often when we are deeply in love we feel so much more motivated and energetic? I recognize this in myself too! Love gives us a new sense of motivation, strength and can transform us into better versions of ourselves.

Love truly makes us do things we never thought we’d be able to do. If your soulmate encourages, motivates and celebrates your success then you have found yourself a keeper. Your soulmate should be your biggest fan and your cheerleader all in one!

10. Being able to see each other at your worst and still love each other.

We all have bad days and we all have times where we can be irrational or do/say irrational things. Some people choose to walk away if they are in a particular rough time in their relationship. However what many fail to realize is that life has ups and downs and so do relationships. If you are able to see your soulmate at their worst and still love them just like before then this is a big sign. It says a lot about the nature of your relationship and shows you two have something that is long lasting and maybe even forever. We all deserve to live happily ever after with the one person we love the most.

Oh how sweet love is… If you recognize the above signs in the person you are with then you should consider yourself lucky. It is difficult to find that special one especially nowadays, however, it is certainly not impossible! In my language, we say ‘op ieder potje past een dekseltje’. This is Dutch for ‘every pot has its perfect lid.’ All of us have a perfect match out there! So even if you haven’t found your soulmate just yet, know that the special person for you is out there. You will eventually find your perfect lid too! Thank you.

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